Jun 28, 2008

Poor Baby!

I had not seen SC since Monday - 4 whole days seemed like forever! I honestly can't remember the last time I have gone that long without seeing her. So when she arrived this morning I couldn't wait to squeeze her! But SC was not feeling herself today! She had a slight fever and seemed groogy and just not comfortable most of the day.

I swear the most helpless feeling in the world -
is looking at a sick baby and not having a clue how to fix it.
I hate that they just can't tell you what is wrong or even how they feel!

This was how we spent most of the day!

But I think she really just needed a good dose of Auntie Loves!!!

Because by the end of the day she was feeling better and wanting to play with the Kitty!

Spending the day cuddled up with this cutey was just what I needed as well! Gave me plenty of time to catch up on my DVR shows from the week as well!

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