Jun 22, 2008

A Wonderful Solstice Weekend!

Happy Solstice to One and All!!!

We finally had a very quiet relaxing weekend around here!

Don't get me wrong we love having people over, but sometimes you just need to have some quiet time!

Here are some things I did this weekend:
~listened to the kids in the pool
~ read a book - just for the fun of it! I know it is summer when I finally get to read something that is just for me! I started reading Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella my FAVORITE English author
~ played with flickr - as you saw in my earlier post :)
~ floated around on my new pool lounger
~ made s'mores in the fire pit
~ watched fireflies
~ talked to my dad
~ got our bag packed for Exchange City, RI - we decided with the gas prices so high and the early (for us it is early anyway) arrival time we decided to take another mom & daughter up on their offer to split a hotel room for the night
~ played Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz on the Wii

Hope you had some time to relax this weekend! Thanks for visiting!
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