Jun 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Noni!

Noni would have been 61 today and though she has been gone for nearly two years now it seems this year is a bit harder than last. We still miss her everyday! My sister (MC) had to work last night so yesterday we took KM & SC for breakfast, to Barnes & Noble, and then over to the cemetery. It was suppose to be a horribly thunder-storming day, but it was actually just right. Not too hot or muggy and beautiful clear skies. We stopped at a nursery on the way there and as soon as we pulled in I saw the plant pictured above ~ it is a 'Tiny Bee' (Asiatic Lily) ~ all over the place. Lilies are very hardy plants and we have had them all over our yard since we moved here. I thought that it would be perfect since we really don't get to the cemetery as much as we should. Yellow was also one of Noni's favorite colors so I thought it would be fitting. All morning we had been in the car chatting and running errands, but for some reason when we pulled out of the nursery MC decided to turn on the radio - wouldn't you know it was playing Neil Diamond's "Sweet Carolina"! One of Noni's favorite songs, a sure sign that she liked our choice. My sister can be wishy-washy with her opinion on spirituality and the afterlife, but there are some things that are just TOOO coincidental.

So in closing this morning I just want to say: Happy Birthday Noni! We love you and miss you, but would appreciate it if you could tone the parties down a bit!

~~~~ The last few nights we have had ferocious thunderstorms knocking the power out - ever since I can remember Noni would tell all the kids that thunder was the angels bowling and lightening meant that they had gotten a strike! KM woke up the other night and said they must be throwing Noni one heck of a birthday party up there! Gotta love it!~~~~

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