Jun 1, 2008

June 1st - Brought some interesting 1st!

1st - cook-out of the season

~ nice small gathering to kick off the season!

1st - time the pool was not green when we opened it

~ generally we spend most of the month of June trying to get the water clear, but for some unknown reason when we took the cover off it was crystal clear and all the levels were perfect!! - YIPPEE

1st - day in the pool

~ the pools temperature was 62, but that did not stop the children from swimming in the crystal clear pool! I thought for sure they would go in for a few minutes and that would be it but they were in there ALL DAY!!!

1st - back strokes

~ we spent all last year just trying to get her to think about floating on her back, but when she got in there this afternoon before everyone else showed up she just did it! - YIPPEE Again!!

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