Jun 27, 2008

Great Moment

The coolest thing happened yesterday afternoon.

KM and I were getting some workbook stuff done when I glanced out my back door and saw one of my dog standing at the edge of the yard. This is not a totally unusual occurence as we have 3 dogs, an invisible fence and woods behind the house that the dogs often just randomly bark at. This was different though because he was just standing and staring into the trees. The other 2 dogs were no where to be seen and were totally silent. I saw something move suddenly in the woods and I thought maybe it was one of our cats, however this was a slow move. I moved over to the window to get a different angle and could not believe what I was seeing...2 bucks ~ just standing there and eating. They were the most beautiful thing.

I wish wish wish I had a better camera, but considering mine is nearly 5 years old and this was about 75-100 yards into the woods. I really shouldn't complain!

I couldn't believe how calm they were. We spent nearly 30 minutes watching them walk around eating here and there. They would look up every once in a while and stare at us for a minute before bowing to eat some more. It was amazing and I am so glad we had the opportunity to see it!

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