Dec 17, 2008

Wright Brothers Day

"Orville and Wilbur Wright made the first manned, powered flight on December 17, 1903. Orville experienced the thrill of flight when he felt the first lift of the wing of the small wood and canvas aircraft that would travel 120 feet in 12 seconds. The brothers' passion and spirit of discovery helped define our Nation and paved the way for future generations of innovators to launch satellites, orbit the Earth, and travel to the Moon and back." (found here)

Here are some free resources to educate while we celebrate this great set of siblings! There is something for every age and grade level on this list.

~~~~~~~~~~~Afternoon update -

We decided to take a trip to one of our local libraries and find out some info on Wilbur and Orville, as KM did not know much more than their names and that they had built airplanes (gotta love PS!).

She used the computer catalog to find out where to look - another new found skill, as she never learned how at PS - we found some very interesting books for her and SC.

Wee and the Wright Brothers and To Fly! were the favorites of the day!

We then went home for some lunch and to watch the Magic School Bus Taking Flight!

The kids played with some Scooby-Doo gliders we had stashed away.
and went to this site and printed out a bunch of airplanes to see which was the best of the bunch! KM's favorite was the Raptor and SC just really liked chasing after them!

I must say we had a rather plane day!
~~that was really bad!~~
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