Dec 19, 2008

Holidays Around the World

After we finished our election study we decided to learn about Holidays from around the world that are celebrated in December. It was a great History/Geography/Cultural Studies project and here is our outcome:

We used a ream of finger-paint paper for the back ground, some coloring pages we downloaded and lots of clip art and doo-dads to make if fun!

We colored in each holiday's origin on the map that we printed out from - here - this site is great for all sorts of maps in a huge assortment of sizes!

KM's favorite one was Santa Lucia Day, which is celebrated in Sweden, because "they were daredevils!" balancing the candles on their heads.
I was rather surprised to discover that although Kwanzaa is a celebration of African ancestry, it
was created here in American. It was also rather interesting to hear about all the different ways that kids around the world leave some sort of "footwear" out for "someone" to leave them candy and presents in! We were unable to figure where exactly this footwear phenomenon started, but they seem to do it in some form or another on every part of the globe!!!
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