Dec 22, 2008

A Wonderful Solistice...

was had by all around here! It was a very relaxing and enjoyable day.
KM and I got a lot of baking done, finished up some Christmas presents for relatives, and finished up the laundry and cleaning that we had started during Saturdays never ending snow storm.
CJ was still out plowing a good part of the day, but when he finally got home, it was just in time to have a cozy dinner, just the three of us.
We had lit all the candles and sconces in the house and only had the tree and fairy lights going - oh and spongebob of course. It was very simple and peaceful.
After dinner we open a few yule gifts and then all snuggled up to watch a movie and eat some yummy cookies we had made earlier in the day!
KM's favorite present was a Wizardology Code Writing Kit and we all got a kick out of our Feety Pajamas!
After the movie we were all sitting together and it was like a light went off for all of us at once - this is what we are suppose to be doing. THIS is our family.
CJ and I have been drawn more and more away from traditions that we were raised with and more towards creating our own types of traditions that fit our family. Since CJ's parents and my father moved South and Noni passed away it has felt like we are really the leaders in our family and we need to make the holidays what we want our family to remember them as. So we are thinking next year we are going to focus less on Christmas and more on the Winter Solistice and Earth Based/Natural Holidays. After doing the Holidays Around the World, I think that KM has also come to realize that NOT everyone celebrates Christmas and that in other parts of the world it is the minority of people who actually do celebrate it. We will of course still respect our friends and families members who celebrate it, but for our family - the three who live under this roof - we are going to go our own route and enjoy the wonderful welcoming of winter!

Happy Holidays!
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