Mar 20, 2009

Ostara Blessings to All - updated

Ostara celebrates the Goddess of Renewal. The spring equinox brings renewal in so many forms. It is time to get our houses and yards in order so that we can enjoy the warm weather to come!

If you have anymore to share - please do we will be working on spring things all week around here!!!

We had an extremely productive day!!!
I collect all the remaining winter items that were around the house to be stored in the attic

I attacked and conquered our craft and future curriculum closet!!!

Everything is in a box or on a shelf exactly where it is suppose to be!!!

We made a trip to the library and remembered to stop and grab -

but to KM's delight I had forgotten to check them and there was one that was slightly cracked on the top so of course she ...
to experiment with it.

Her favorite part was when she realized that the sack really went all along the shell, but you could seperate it from the shell without breaking it.
She spent a good 35 minutes examining the shell and yolk!

CJ got home just in time to color the eggs with us and we had dinner while they dried.
We each did three eggs and after dinner we went through the Runes book to choose which symbols we wanted to wish for -
We make 2 each to go in our Ostro on the mantel.

and one each for our family basket!

All and all we had a very blessed Ostara!
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