Mar 6, 2009

Fitness Friday Week 6

Okay so I did AWESOME this week!!!
Toot Toot!!!

I really truly did and here is what I did...
  • Friday - I did nothing...I was REALLY tired and was still trying to catch up with everything from the week before, but hey whatever.
  • Saturday - 31 minutes
  • Sunday - 33 minutes
  • Monday - 42 minutes
  • Tuesday - 26 minutes
  • Wednesday - 30 minutes
  • Thursday - 30 minutes
I did a lot of rhythmic boxing this week and I really like it because you don't have to fiddle and you can just go for the full 13 minutes. I have also been doing a full swat when it says to "block" and this is giving an added quads workout. On the advanced step I have started using 1.5 lbs weights to add a little intensity to that one as well. Again I like this one cause I don't have to stop.

I had planned on trying to get through the yoga and strength combos at least 3 days this week and although I did not get through all of them at once because that was just taking far too long, what I did was to start out in yoga and do one full row with the accompanying strength exercises at the same time. This work out great!!! I also found that if I did this first, I got much better scores than when I did the aerobic things first.

My weight has done nothing but fluctuate again this week...

My new goal is too keep my month full - I like how it looks with no blanks. So as long as I at least check in everyday for the body test, I will be able to keep it looking great! I also got a new stamp - look it is mii!!I was thinking that I would also like to list some of my high scores here and see if I can increase any of them by the end of the month. Here they are...
  • Soccer (advanced) 348
  • Boxing (expert) 1132
  • Ski Jump 319
  • Advanced Step 505
  • Basic Step 292
  • Penguin Slide 65
  • Running 47%
  • Basic Hula 297
  • Deep Breathing 86
  • Half Moon 78
  • Single Leg Twist 87
  • Warrior 92
  • Lunge 100
  • Tree 77
  • Single Arm Stand 73
  • Sun Salutation 83
  • Side Leg Lift 61
  • Standing Knee 90
  • Single Leg Extension 73
  • Dance 72
  • Palm Tree 78
  • Rowing Squat 86
  • Chair 80
  • Torso Twist 78
  • Triangle 75
  • Push Up & Plank 58
  • Down Dog 8 - I have a perfect down dog and I honestly don't know how they get theirs to work at all!!!!
  • Plank 41
  • Arm & Leg Lift 58
So STAY TUNED cause next week I am the Wii Fit Mommies Featured Fitness Friday Writer and I will be doing a FULL review of Jillian Micheal's Fitness Ultimatum 2009.
I am going to work out with this program all this coming week, starting this afternoon and will let you all know how I TRULY feel about it next week!!!

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