Nov 23, 2008

Turkey Day Prep

We are in full force Turkey Day preparation mode here, as I am sure most everyone else is as well! I have been doing Thanksgiving for nearly 10 years now and I don't really stress too much about it anymore. I have come a long way since that first year where we ordered everything in, to this Thanksgiving when I am planning on making everything from scratch.

Last year was the most nerve racking, as it was the first time that I made the Turkey myself. Since I had taken over the holiday events for the family, Noni had always continued to make "the bird" to take some of the pressure off of me. Then on the first Thanksgiving after she passed away, I was just too overwhelmed and asked DD to do it for me, which she gladly did and it came out perfectly. Last year I took the reigns and did it myself. I had been offered help by many, but I really just wanted to do it. It was not like I had never cooked a Turkey, it is just that it is the centerpiece at Thanksgiving and there really is no room for error when it comes to a holiday that is ALL ABOUT THE FOOD! - I know it is also about being thankful, but really who thinks about being thankful if the Turkey is going up in flames? hmmm

So this year will be a small group at my house for dinner, since MC is going to be having her first go round hosting for her in-laws. I have decided to try and make as much from scratch as I can. I have been practicing and trying different techniques out over the past few weeks and think I have it all pretty well figured out - I do however have some things like gravy and crescent rolls in the fridge just in case any debacles should occur!

I do have some posts in the works, but if it is quiet round here, you will now it won't be for too long!
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