Nov 22, 2008

Recycling Project #1

As winter begins approaching we tend to look for more quiet projects to do around the house. We are also generally trying to pinch lots of pennies together, as CJ's work slows down great deal. So we tend to do lots of recycling projects and I figured this would be a great thing to share here!

This afternoon I decided to take my sewing machine out of hiding - it spends the summer in my closet you see and generally does not see the light of day until Christmas and Yule presents start being worked on, but it is getting an early appearance for this project!

At some point, in the not too distant past, I saw an article or a clip on a show or a blurb on some other blog - I can't keep these things straight sometimes - a project to recycle jeans that were either too short or had a hole in the knee into a skirt. It is a fairly simple project and you can find a great set of instructions with all the pictures for it HERE .

For KM's version however we skipped a few steps and only made the two panel version using extra material remnants we had laying around in the craft closet instead of using the bottoms of the pant legs. Here was our outcome -
They have now traveled to the art center in KM's bedroom to get some final fashion touches added!

I wish I had discovered this or remembered to try this sooner!!! It came out so cute and is such a great way to get a little extra life out of the jeans!!! The thing I have to work on now is her nervousness with the sewing machine. She is always worried she is going to break something, injure herself or mess something up. Any suggestions on how to get her more comfortable with it would be GREATLY appreciated!

Thanks for stopping by!
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