Feb 27, 2009

Fitness Friday Week 5

First I must say that I completely missed Week 4 last week, but there really wasn't much to say as I had been stuck in Maine most of that week and then I was just trying to get everything straightened out with my car and everything that I had missed once I got home!

This passed week has been a bit better, I did manage to get on the Wii Fit 4 out of 7 days for at least 30 minutes each time. I have been doing the Yoga stretches, the step and some balance games. I think this week I am going to try to push myself to do the combinations that come up for the yoga and strength training combined, but - here I go again - I just wish there was some way to get the combinations to flow so that you didn't have to fiddle with the remote constantly!!! So here is my mission for the week - 5 out of 7 days for at least 30 minutes and 3 out of those 5 days I will do all the yoga and strength combinations.

I am truly pushing myself to do it because I don't see any results happening from it. My weight just does not seem to be going anywhere - which is the norm for me. I fluctuate from 1-5 lb difference constantly and I don't know how to fix that. I am also one of those wonderful people whose body RETAINS all the stress that is going on in my life. Maybe as things smooth out a little bit, I will see some improvement and I know I can't expect it to happen overnight, but SOMETHING would be nice. I think that I really NEED to get back to my regular Yoga class as this will help with the stress, stamina, and back problem all with one clean swoop, but I don't know where to fit it in! I am just going to HAVE to do it!

I start another session teaching the kids yoga this week at our local co-op, so I know I will be getting at least two good yoga workouts in - I have to do the prep work for the little ones, who are a lot more limber than I am and therefore I tend to push myself to the limits! They are so much fun though and it is great that they have an interest in learning these techniques at such a young age, so that they can carry them with them throughout their lives!

Good luck to all who are going to be participating in the
Wii Fit Olympics Tomorrow!!!

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