Nov 13, 2009

Physics Friday #5

With our new schedule going well she was VERY ambitious this week and decided to take on quite a few experiments and workshops. Some came out better than others and the latter were not allowed to be photographed so here the ones that made it through -

and we had some difficulties and some success with this one as well.

Km is starting to realize on her own what it means to bite off more than you can chew! Frustrations were a bit high this morning as we headed down from a LONG week, but she held it together and completed most of the tasks that she tried. This one section of the manual was also a bit trickier to understand with far fewer instructions on how to put it together and more of them just showing you pictures to recreate. It was great to work through them and figure out what could have been done better. We also discussed who if they had used pictures from all sides we would have been fully capable of replicating the exact thing. All in all despite the aggravation and near loss of temper, a LOT was learned from this weeks projects.
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