Nov 25, 2009

Extra Quiet Week...update...

...and I have gotten some concerned emails. It has been very quiet around here as we took the week off. We have been fiddling around and trying to wind down from the CRAZY HECTIC autumn schedule before we gear up for our TOTAL WHIRLWIND of holiday events. Since I am here I could share a few pics that I hadn't gotten a chance to yet...

First these are some pics from the Lego League Competition last weekend. Team didn't do so great, but they had fun and it was quite and experience for them!

CJ had a slow work week because of the rain, so he started tearing apart the camper ----

He took the fridge and the mirror vanity out of the bathroom, which dropped a ton of pine needles out of it. We are trying to figure out if the fridge works or if we need to replace and we WILL be replacing the toilet and possibly the sink in the bathroom. He also started trying to figure out the piping so that he can take the stove out and replace it with a full size sink.
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