Mar 13, 2013

Online Favorites ~ Resources we have LOVED

In our five years of home learning, my daughter has tried a myriad of resources so I thought I would create a post that highlighted some of her favorites. This list is in no specific order, other than how they came to my memory. These are not all free resources, but those that aren't are very reasonable priced! I have also included links to any full length reviews that I may have done in the past so be sure to click through the links in each section! ENJOY!!!

Khan Academy - This was a great supplement for Math, Science, and History. I think if we had found it earlier we would have used it as full curriculum core and we plan to do so in the future for things like Art History and Computer Science.

Science Jim - KM LOVES Science Jim!!! She has taken a number of classes with him and has watched every one of his webshows! Here is our full review.

Hippocampus - We used this to supplement her history program for a while and it really seemed to help solidify the topics. Here is a link  to the course that she used.

Manga High - Super fun ~~ and FREE ~~ games for improving math skills and increasing speed! A few of KM's faves were Sundae Times, Pyramid Panic, and Sigma Prime. For a list of all the games click HERE.

Mathletics World Games - These annual events are so much fun! Check them out here and here are links to our experiences.

Yale Open Courseware - KM felt like she learned a lot from Listening to Music

Ko's Journey - This is a fantastic supplement to any math program. It is so engaging and interactive! Check out the full review and screenshots HERE

BrainPop - We have loved BrainPop since before KM was officially a home learner, but it always drove me CRAZY that they didn't have answer keys available to their lessons. GUESS WHAT!! Now they do in their Educator's section and you can sign up absolutely FREE!!

CNN Student News - This is our 3rd year using this incredible resource and it never lets us down! From the site - CNN Student News is a ten-minute, commercial-free, daily news program for middle and high school students produced by the journalists and educators at CNN. This award-winning show and its companion website are available free of charge throughout the school year. At, you'll find a wealth of teacher materials presented free of charge, including Daily Transcripts for each show, Daily Discussion questions, the Media Literacy Question of the Day, downloadable Maps and additional support materials to help students understand the news. In addition, the educators at CNN offer Discussion Guides for CNN documentaries and initiatives, including Black in America, Latino in America and CNN Heroes. 
Check it out HERE! I should mention that I may be a bit partial as Carl Azuz tweeted with us and gave a shout out to homeschoolers

Scholastic Webcasts & Lessons - We have really enjoyed quite a few programs from scholastic, in fact I don't think there have been any that we didn't really like. Just a few that we have done are First Thanksgiving, 39 Clues Club, Iditarod Lessons, Winter The Dolphin, Science World and a link to view previous webcasts HERE

This really is just a small sampling of the things that she has used and enjoyed, but it is a great place to get started trying out alternatives!!!

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