Mar 11, 2013

If I ask a question, please don't take it as an attack.

When did being inquisitive become an aggressive trait?
I am really tired of feeling as though I have to constantly clarify my intentions
when all I really want is to clearly understand someone else's position.

I want to know your logic.
I want to know why you feel that way.
Tell me your experiences or observations that have made you come to the decision or position which I can't comprehend.

It is not an affront on your character if what you are saying does not make sense to me.
If you want me to understand, repeatedly saying the exact same thing is not going to make it any easier for me to understand it.

I am not trying to be snide, argumentative or confrontational.
I am a learner. I want to be fully informed.
I do not just nod my head in agreement or wag my finger in disgust when I hear something that doesn't sit quite right with me.
I may even ask you why you agree with me.

I ask questions. That is what I do and it is not me attacking you!

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