Jan 22, 2013

Recap Lesson of Pres. Obama's 2nd Inauguration

Utilizing one of the Flocabulary Daily lessons - State of the Union and Inauguration Lesson -  that I shared HERE, we discussed President Obama's second inauguration speech this morning and created a word cloud of the transcript using Wordle.

Link to the official video of the inaugural speech and the transcript.

KM was quite mesmerized by the president - she usually becomes bored and lost during speeches, but she hung on his every word. I guessed the biggest word would be citizens and she guessed people - her guess was quite a bit larger than mine. This was a really interesting quick project that we both enjoyed!

~~~Tip~~~ when we did the cloud the first time, we got a giant APPLAUD through the middle of the cloud because it was in the transcript 24 times! if you make your own use your find tool to remove all the noted "applause" points to get an accurate cloud.

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