Jan 9, 2013

Oh why oh why do I open my mouth!

So of course I made the proclamation that things were going well and we weren't going to have to make any adjustments to our programs only to be slammed with a hard core dilemma in Chemistry - KM is just NOT grasping equations! She reads the section and answers the review questions, but as soon as she is asked to work on any sort of equations she is completely befuddled!

I have never taken a chemistry course - EVER! - so I am little help in this predicament. We look up you tube videos and scroll through Khan Academy topics to try to find something that will make it more clear, but nothing seems to be TRULY working. I am not sure where we are headed at this point with it, but I am not willing to let her just give up and feel that she needs to keep working through it - even if that means that we go over each and every answer together with the answer key because I would rather that she see the correct answer than keep doing it wrong and getting frustrated.

Things don't always run as smoothly as many home educators' would have the outside world believe, but this is one of the greatest benefits of this educational choice - customization to the student! We WILL find something that works and won't give up until she has it!
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