Jan 1, 2013

Prepping for Winter Session

Five years completed and we will be starting in on our 21st session next week - THAT SOUNDS SOOOOOO FREAKING WEIRD!!!

I can't believe that much time has gone by and yet it feels like only yesterday that I was trying to wrap my head around this weird "homeschool" thing. We have come a long way and this is one of the first times that very little is changing. KM is really liking all of her programs and things are running quite smoothly. 

The only changes are some additions to her electives including a Currclick Live class by Natureglo called MathArt, adding the Currclick Chess Club to her weekly IRL club and The Symphony (Great Courses Parts 2-3) which we found at our local library and KM is really enthusiastic about completing! Also since she finished up the long-term project at the library where she was doing her volunteer work, she will be taking a break from that this session and her Shakespeare Group had to unexpectedly change their plans so those two things have been taken off the calendar. 

KM has adjusted to me working outside of the home more regularly really well! She gets everything on her list done in record time and seems to be thriving with this new level of independence. We are also hoping that my schedule will allow us to be able to get back to ice skating weekly again, as we both really enjoy that time and it is a great workout! 

Here is her Winter Schedule - 

For a full list of our current curricula click HERE.
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