Mar 6, 2010

Spring Session Choices -

KM has finished a lot of her programs VERY quickly this year. So we will be beginning some new things for the Spring session.

Math -
Science -
  • Chemistry of Matter ~ we tend to stay away from "textbooks" but I came across this series on Paperback Swap and I really like the setup of it. Of course we will be supplementing with other resources to make it come alive, but this text is a great outline.
  • Brain Pop
  • Adaptive Curriculum
  • Dynamic Earth ~ we will be using the above things when we get to this portion as well.
Writing - the bain of my homeschooling mission!
History -
Geography -

I have updated the links in the side bar so you can always check what we are working on now at the top of the screen to the right. If you have any useful links to share PLEASE do!
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