Mar 17, 2010

Just our LUCK!

We are in the Sunshine state, but it seems as though we chased the sun away when we got here!

Today's hi temp was 66 here with a breeze that made it feel about 60 and was 68 at home with no breeze so it felt about 72 - That is our luck on this wonderful St. Patrick's Day!

The weather however, did not prohibit us from getting out and about today after KM finished up the last of her Newton's Laws Classes by Science Jim this morning. We headed over to the clubhouse for some shuffleboard and then KM went for a swim ~ luckily for her the pool temp was 83! Everyone loved that KM's hair was just the right color for St. Patrick's Day! I got some great shuffleboard pics, but of course I just realized that I only brought one of the camera adaptors ~ not for the camera that I was using today ~ so I will have to post pics at a later date!
Tomorrow we will be off to KM's second favorite Science Museum! I will be sure to take the camera that I can get the pictures off of!
Hope you had a very Lucky St. Patty's Day!
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