Mar 13, 2010

End of Winter Session - Time for a Break

So we have completed another session and are really in need of a break! Things have went really well during these transition times, but it has been QUITE A WHILE since we have taken a real break from things. But since we have a few weeks off we have decided to head down to visit my dad in sunny Florida!

So in closing our session I thought I would mention one method that we use that can be a bit of a sore spot for some homeschoolers. I know some homeschoolers are against grading for various reasons, but I think for KM it gives her some sort of grounding as to where she is and where she needs improvements. I am certain it is also largely a carryover from being in PS. I know other homeschoolers who don't do grades because they work through things until they get an A, but KM gets graded on a percentage based system based on the work that she has done. I do give her a second chance on things at times, like if she is completed her math exercises and she gets on wrong, I will have her try it again and then if she gets it correct she gets 1/2 credit for it.

Methods of homeschooling are totally personal choices, but IMHO if grades aren't introduced at some point and the kids are going to be attending colleges or any higher education facilities where they will be graded, then it could be detrimental to them to not have been intergrated into in some way. There are many schools of thought on grading and point systems and the such, so to each his own!

I brought this up though as it is the first session that KM earned all As and she was SO proud of herself. She recognized the progress that she had made from last session in some areas, bringing her grades up even a few points here and there. I think it gives her a sense of accomplishment as well.

As for our break we will be heading out to visit my dad next week, so it might be a bit quietier until we get back. - Watch for some fun pics though!
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