Sep 1, 2009

Not-Back-To-School Day - 2009

All of our local public school counterparts headed back to school this morning and we spent the day enjoying some of our favorite things about is what we did on our NOT-Back-to-School Day!

Got up REALLY early for us - 6:15a so that we could go to Friendly's for breakfast with CJ before he headed out to work.

We came back to the house and KM practiced piano until The Littles got here!

After SC ate her breakfast, jammed on the guitar for a bit....

and KM did her chores we spent some time playing sports on the Wii!

SC wanted her nails painted and KM was happy to accommodate her!

Then went out to enjoy some sunshine!

We went for a silly ride to pick up lunch!

After lunch naps were had by all!

All and all it was a great, relaxing, enjoyable day!!!

How do you celebrate Not-Back-To-School Day?

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