Oct 10, 2008

Week in Review!!

Lots went on this week...
here are some pics!First day of coop - busy busy!

A day with my nieces! OR will be 2 in about 2 weeks and SC is 16 mo.
They had a great afternoon playing together

Then my brother got home from school and all h@@@ broke loose!

SC learned how to use the stool to help with the dishwasher...
she has been fascinated by it since she could crawl -
don't know why, but I am not going to complain!
CJ had Monday off due to rain, so he had time to make an awesome gate
to keep the dogs off and SC on the back porch!
This will help with my sis's fears a bit!
(not of the dogs, but of SC running around the house and out into the street!)

Since it has been so wet in the mornings we also decided to put the house on the deck for the season, this way it will dry quicker and we won't have to deal with the soaking wet grass in the morning either.

Although our trip to the zoo started off with a bang...
or it was more of a crash really...
none of us were hurt and KM and I got some great shots of the animals.
The gorillas come right up to the windows and start posing as soon as they see flashes going off!

KM took this one of the wildebeest.
I absolutely love the lighting through the trees!
When we came out of the gift shop this peacock was just strolling around.
The leopards were a bit tricky to get and I am surprised, due to the lighting that these came out at all.
I had to share this one because we never knew that the giraffe's had to spread their legs like this in order to eat from the ground.

So my thoroughly exhausting week is over and done with - nearly, of course MC will be over in a bit to take KM out to get her nails done and go for dinner (part of her bday present), so CJ and I will be going out to eat as well, I still have to go to the insurance inspectors tomorrow to have pics taken of the car, we never got to our election studies or music theory for this week so we will have to do catch up on those tomorrow, KM has her best friend sleeping over for the weekend, I have lesson plans to get done for next week,.... and about 50 other things I can think of off the top of my head - does it ever really stop? Does the "To Do" list ever really get completely finished?

Well, none the less, I will be taking it at a bit of a slower pace as we will be down a vehicle and since CJ's truck is still in the body shop from his accident last month, we will actually only have one drivable car! We haven't had this happen for years! Oh well things happen for a reason. I am most thankful that there were no injuries and we have insurance to cover everything. KM's only concern after the accident was whether we were going to still get to go to the zoo! Gotta love the minds of kids!
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