Oct 19, 2008

Thoughts of upcoming weeks ---

My blogs may be short or far between over the next few weeks as we will be spending lots of time visiting and helping out with medical things in our "outer" family circle. I say "outer" family in reference to those who do not live under my roof. My family has so many layers, twists and combinations that it can get a bit confusing for those of us in the family never mind anyone on the outside looking in. I love all aspects of my family and of course want to be there to support them as much as I can.
On top of all the medical things going on, we still only have one car! Hopefully by Tuesday CJ's truck will be out of the body shop and I will be able to drive his little "BIC" car ~ we call it the disposable car, because he bought it last spring when the gas prices hit their peak for $600 and it paid for itself in gas savings over the truck in about 3 weeks time ~ which will make life a bit easier so that I won't have to keep juggling to borrow MC's car.
Speaking of MC, she is newly pregnant and moving on Halloween! So I am sure that you can only imagine what a stressed out ball of who knows what she has been as of late!

Okay - Enough with my ramblings!
We will be juggling our own - and others - doctors' appointments, 3 birthday parties, having SC nearly everyday, clubs and coop classes, our normal everyday stuff, and anything else that comes our way over the next few weeks!

We always do!
We will breathe through it...
and we will make it!
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