Oct 4, 2008

Fall is really here!

It went below 40 degrees last night
and you can feel the wonderful fall chill in the air!
So we spent the afternoon trying out new recipes for zucchini bread, brownies, and cranberry bread - from scratch, which was a bit scary for me - pork, stuffing & vegetable casserole, and indoor s'mores. I love to bake, but generally take the easier quick bread mix route as baking just makes me nervous since I can't really taste anything along the way, like I do when I am cooking. You have to give blind faith to the recipe gods that they are being nice to you and everything is going to come out just right. Luckily today most came out fine, the only thing that could have been a bit better was the brownies, don't know what I did wrong, but they just seemed a bit dry. I usually make them more cakey so tomorrow when I make them into brownie bites for our coop on Monday I am going to add an extra egg to the recipe and hope for the best.

With oil prices still pretty high and the forecast of a VERY chilly winter on the way, CJ and our neighbor spent the day gathering and splitting dead wood from our yards. We had a wonderful fire going this evening to eat our indoor s'mores by!

Although we have had a wonderful summer, I am ever so glad that things have slowed down, CJ will be home a bit more, I get to be cozy in my sweats and fall is truly here!
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