Jul 8, 2011

What won't I do for the berry GOODNESS!!!

I noticed last weekend that the berries in the far part of the yard were almost ready for picking, so KM and I went down to pick some yesterday afternoon, but it was far too hot and the mosquitoes were ridiculous!!!

So when I woke up this morning and it was cloudy and misty, I knew I needed to seize the moment and get out there, so I threw on some jeans, my rainboots to protect my feet from the thorns and a windbreaker to protect from the mosquitoes. It was sprinking when I headed down and just as I picked the first berry the sky opened up!!! Thunder was rolling and then a crack of lighting. I was covered by some pretty tall trees and I knew that while it was raining the mosquitoes would be much easier to deal with, so despite the rain, thunder and then some pretty big cracks of lightning - I got a bucketful of berries!!! I came in, peeled my wet clothes off, and got down to business!!!

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