Jul 3, 2011

Toads are Okay

KM had been talking about going to catch a frog down in the marsh area behind our house a few weeks ago, but every time I brought it up she didn't "feel like it" then. So we kept putting it off and putting off. Then CJ was mowing the lawn and suddenly in front of him was a toad. We seem to have toads in the yard every year, but I figured that since KM has been mentioning frogs, she would want to see the toad, so we got out our trusted kiddie pool - which is actually our dogs bath tub - and called the kids out to see it.

A few days later I mentioned to KM about going down to the marsh again to get a frog and she said, "I think I'm good. The toad was okay." Don't really know where that leaves us, other than I think she really doesn't want to catch a frog anymore! 
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