Nov 13, 2010

Making Turkeys and Candy Experiments with the Littles!

The Littles' day care was closed on Veteran's Day, which meant they got to spend the day with me!!!
We had lots of fun and used some of the resources that I had spotted earlier in the week from Scholastic's Thanksgiving Free Printables!

We had a great time creating these "3-D"ish Turkeys:


I decided to use some left over sparkly leafs - from who knows when - instead of the plain paper plate as recommended. We used all glue on SC's, and it took a long time to dry, so we decided to use staples for GC's and mine!  

When GC went down for her nap, KM, SC and I took advantage of that time to do some of the experiments that we had found over at Candy Experiments Blog!

For some EXTRA foaming and to make the 3 year old smile, we added vinegar to all the solutions once the foaming was finished so that they would burst out of the cup! She was quite pleased with that.

Then we moved onto MELTING candies to see which ones melted first and what sorts of reactions happened. 

We lined the tray with tin foil, set the toaster oven to Max Broil and...
They watched intently....
and took notes!
The results were rather interesting

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