Nov 21, 2010

Becoming Unplugged

Unplugged Parenting...Unplugged Education...I have been coming across these terms a lot lately, at first I thought what are they unplugging from? However as I have researched I have begun to realize that  there ARE others out there that have the same ideas as I do.

I have been bouncing around the cybersphere trying to find that little niche that feels right. Where I can read something and think to myself “EXACTLY!” It can be rather difficult with all the labels floating here, there, and everywhere that can seem to mean one thing, but as you look deeper it turns out that most of the people there don't actually “feel” or “think” the way you had thought they would.

From what I have gathered, in this philosphy “unplugged” means breaking away from the mainstream. Moving away from the traditions that we perpetuate because they are habits and not because we believe that they are right. Here is the clearest list that I have come across -
Unplugged parenting includes:
      •Unplugging from Mainstream 'standards'

        •Freeing yourself from others ideas of what happiness is

        •Kids Self Esteem & sense of inner peace are very important to you
        •Education of the whole child is of highest priority
        •Holistic Parenting is the center and mainstay of life
        •Natural Living
        •You live by Homegrown Values
        •You live out-of-the-box and are truly authentic

If this seems like something that might speak to you take a look at these fabulous sites -

You might also want to take a few minutes to watch these videos by Laurette Lynn that give more insight into this new and exciting trend - 

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