Sep 15, 2010

Random Acts of Fitness - Free Fitness and Nutrition Info from Subway

Subway is one of our FAVORITE places to stop to get a quick healthy lunch when we are out and about! Awhile back I ordered a Random Acts of Fitness Kit from Subway, fortunately for us we received an actual kit before they ran out! However they are working to get all the aspects of the kit available on-line shortly. There website also has tons of ideas to get your kids up and moving in ways that are outside the box!

Here is the gist of the program:
SUBWAY RANDOM ACTS OF FITNESS FOR KIDS is about making small changes that can add up to big results. The kit includes tools to help kids EAT fit, THINK fit, and BE fit, all while having fun and taking positive steps toward a lifetime of better health.

I have heard from a lot of homeschooling families that health, nutrition and physical education in general, sometimes tend to take a back burner to the "more important" subjects. This program gives some great types and ideas to incorporate little changes and activities into your everyday "school" routine. In the kit we received a planner that covers from Aug. 30 2010 to Sept. 1, 2011. In this planner there is an activity listed for each and every Monday through Friday day for that entire year!

This "school" year we are going to begin incorporating these activities into our week! Since I just got the kit yesterday (9/14) we had a bit of catching up to do so we crammed two weeks of ideas into a 30 minute slot this morning and here is some of what we did:

Pedometer scavenger hunts send the kids hunting for things that fit into a general category. Each month starts out with a different theme and the kids use the pedometers to see how far they had to go to find them:
They had to find 3 different kinds of leaves, 3 things that were natural and red, 3 things that were natural and smooth, and 3 things that were natural and rough. She was reaching on the red one - the cactus has a few little red spots, but I let her have it:

One minute activities give the kids some well needed movement before settling in to work! KM got really silly with the volcanic eruptions and felt the walking hands gave her back and legs a great stretch!

Be sure to check out back and see what other Random Acts of Fitness we incorporate!

In the meantime, How do you incorporate fitness and nutrition in your child(ren)'s home education?
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