Dec 2, 2009

Update on the Littles

Our lesson schedule has changed around a bit lately so I realized - after quite a few emails - that I hadn't mentioned much about the Littles lately.

SC is doing very well - she is working on her alphabet, can count to 10 and is working her way through the teens at the moment and LOVES to color. She has started to color more of the actual picture - of course she still scribbles, but if you ask her color the pumpkin orange, she can - which is helping with her color recognition as well.

GC is really getting a hang of sitting, rolling and scooting. She has also started eating a bit here and there.

Our biggest challenge recently has been that GC is grabbing EVERYTHING which is causing SC to have to really learn to share more than ever! She loves her sister though and seems to be okay as long as she doesn't take her BINKY!!!
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