Dec 20, 2009

Busy Weekend Catch Up!!!

We had a wonderful snow storm last night and into today! It made for the perfect weekend and allowed me to prepare for tomorrow's Yule fest!

KM's best friend - AM - got here Friday to go to Edaville Railroad with us!

We had a great time, but of course we had to pick the night that it was literally 12 degrees out!!! KM doesn't remember when we went when she was little and AM had never been so it was great for them to do that together for the first time! The lights were beautiful and the cocoa was FANTASTIC - and helped to keep us warm!!!

CJ napped yesterday and prepared for the storm to come. He got called out to plow at 11:30p Saturday night and has only pulled in long enough to plow half the driveway, pick up some food and snacks and drive AM home, before heading back out again.

The girls were in and out of the snow all day! They are loving the snowball makers, they made little forts for themselves and were waging wars on each other....luckily no one came out with any injuries!

I have been keeping the fire going and baking up a storm. That is my bread rising in the warmest spot! The bread always seems to taste a bit better when it rises near the fire! I think it is more in the symbolism of it than anything!

I have no idea what our snow totals are or will be but it will be fun to see how it measures up to SC tomorrow! If you are also enjoying this wonderful winter welcoming storm be sure to keep safe and warm!
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