Dec 12, 2009

Fall Session Completed -

All checks are in a row! All her work is completed! All papers are filed away! All plans and most of the prep is done for next month!!! Yippee 3 weeks off!

KM has been very productive during this past fall session. She has become much more independent over the last few months and we have seen some much need improvement in the areas of organization and time management! We pushed through yesterday and today to get her session completed and we will be taking a 3 week break over the holidays. I REALLY NEED a break and am trying to take the rest of this week to get our classroom in order and all the plans laid out for next session so that I don't have to touch or think about any of it until Jan. 3rd! At that time I want to be able to just prep what I need for the week and be ready to start on the 4th!

So though it might be a bit quiet, I will be popping in from time to time as I have some neat holiday and just fun things planned for us over our break! We will be busily finishing up some holiday gifts that I would love to posted, but will have to later as I don't want to give away any secrets! We will also be taking advantage of our library passes and the quiet time at the museums, so I will be sure to show off those adventures!

See ya in a bit and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
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