Jul 16, 2009

Science Thursday - Biomes?

Our topic this week from our Science Review book was Biomes - it is ironic that this was KM's strongest area last year and the books review section was only 2 pages - compared to 6-8 in other chapters - so it was a good thing that she really already KNEW the material. Anyway she did two really fun habitat builders on adaptive curriculum and then wanted to do a project. WELL I figured she already had an aquatic habitat and a tropical habitat going with the triops and the terrarium, but she really wanted to do something - so I dug out some kits that I had gotten last year at a science museum and just totally forgot about until NOW! -

Crystal growing kits - hey didn't we try this before...these are crystal growing trees so I guess they could be part of a fantasy biome right?

If you have kids who are really impatient - these are the kits to get!
This was just minutes after we filled the trays..
and this was about 90 minutes later!
The next morning they had grown to this -

Don't know why the orange one is not as puffy...hmmm?...but could have something to do with the branches not being spread out as much as the others.
Now the tray will take a bit longer but will have permanent crystals whereas the trees are the soft dissolvable variety! I will keep ya posted on how they turn it!
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