Jul 20, 2009

FIRST GIVEAWAY - EVER!!! SpellQuizzer license

I was contacted to review this product ~SpellQuizzer~ and they have also offered a license to giveaway to a very lucky lurker!

We have slowly but surely shied away from spelling programs as KM has gotten older, but this is far better than any other off-line spelling program that I have seen! This program allows you to create your own spelling lists, record the word so that they can hear and then spell it, and enter definitions of the words to increase vocabulary. While there are pre-made spelling lists available to use, I think one of the biggest benefits for an older child would be for them to be able to set the lists up themselves, adding the typing element to it. For younger kids it would be a great way for them to practice their spelling as well as getting more familiar with the keyboard! Though I have not tried this yet, another feature that truly intrigues me is the ability to import and export lists so that homeschool families or co-op groups could share their lists instead of having to create them independently! So whether you are homeschooling, creating your own lists, using a curriculum list, going to school and using their lists this program would surely be a safe and convenient way to encourage more spelling and vocabulary practice!

Now as for the giveaway - I am new to all this so I am going to do it the old-fashioned way - leave a comment on this message by Sunday July 26th 10pm EST and you will be entered to win a license for this incredible spelling software. Then Monday 7/27 KM will draw a name out of a bowl of some sort to pick the winner! Simple enough -


ADDED AFTER POST--- OH YEAH! I said I was new to this, I need away to contact you as well, so either a link to your blog, email address or something of that sort would be fantastic!!
I will of course post the winner here on the 27th as well!
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