Oct 27, 2013


DID IT!!!!!

KM got the most fantastic news, she PASSED HER GED!!!!

I can't even express the amount of pride I feel for this incredible child of mine. She was so worried and concerned about the essay, but passed all her tests on the first try and averaging above average in all areas!

Her results are - 
LA, Reading - 550
LA, Writing - 530
Mathematics - 680
Science - 620
Social Studies - 630

She passed in the 91st percentile!!! Which means that only 9% of the people taking this test scored higher than she did! I don't usually like to brag, but that is pretty freaking good!!!!

So although she is technically "graduated" the learning does not stop! She will be studying for her permit retest as well as starting a psychology program this week. She has decided to try to get a job over the winter and wait, at least until next year, to apply to cosmetology school. Her future is wide open and I am so excited to see where she will go next!
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