Oct 13, 2013

2 down, 3 to go!

So KM made it through the first round of testing for the GED!!! She has completed the math portion and the language arts, writing and essay sections. As I am sure most of you know, the essay was what she was most concerned about, but she got a fantastic question and felt like she did a pretty good job! She took this part first and she came out looking very pale and feeling rather queasy from the stress, but once she got a snack and recapped how she did she was perked up and ready for the next test.

She went in pretty confidently to the math section. While we were waiting for the proctor to open the doors we talked about graphing - the only part of the math section that was worrying her - and our conversation went something like this -

KM - "X is horizontal and Y is vertical, right?"
Me - "Yes remember that the tail of the Y points down."
KM -" When the numbers are in the brackets is it (X,Y) or (Y,X)?"
Me - "(X,Y) they are in alphabetical order."
KM - "Why are you just giving me the hints NOW?"

Oh the things they retain and the things that seem to fly right out their heads!!!!

When she emerged from the second round of testing, I asked how she did and she seriously responded "They don't give us our results right away!" I said, " I know that, but you must have some sense of how you feel like you did." She replied, "Well I only had to guess on three of them and only had two graphing questions, so I did all that extra studying for nothing." "So you think you did pretty good then." "I guess so." Oh the enthusiasm of a 16 year old!

She has three more tests - Science, Social Studies, and Reading Comprehension - next Friday and we may be able to get the results of these tests that day. Keeping our fingers crossed for that!

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