Aug 2, 2013

Fuller Craft Museum - Highland Street Free Fun Friday

I had been meaning to get to the Fuller Craft Museum for some time now. The website was rather vague, but there were a few exhibit features that seemed like they would be quite interesting, so when we saw it was participating in the Highland Street Foundation Free Fun Friday program we decided it was time to go.

There were a few hands-on things KM enjoyed, but most of them were not quite up her alley.

And there were a number of beautiful sculptures, sensational mosaic pieces and carved wood fixtures that were breathtaking.

It took us a little over 30 minutes to drive to the museum and we weren't even there 45 minutes before we had seen all the exhibits. We were planning to have lunch there, but the "cafe" had nothing but coffee, tea and chips ahoy cookies. This really was a bit of a disappointment. I heard from another patron that they do have some really great art programs throughout the year, but that they are quite expensive given the area. I also would NOT suggest bringing little ones as there are quite a few displays that are just open and there were a number of personnel shouting at young ones who were scooting around fragile pieces that were on pedestals in the middle of corridors - who ever thought that was a good idea should probably get a different job! I don't like to give negative reviews, but I would not plan on making a trip to Fuller Craft Museum unless you had other things to in the area.

For more information on the remaining venues that are participating in Free Fun Fridays be sure to click the link below -
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