Aug 4, 2012

Shakespeare on the Common Presents Coriolanus

We love Shakespeare! KM LOVES Boston Common! What better combination could we find than Shakespeare on the Common?

This year's play is one that is often noted as the least liked of all of the Bards work - Coriolanus. We knew little of the play before we went - I had explained to KM that it was one of Shakespeare's political dramas and that they had chosen it because of the connection with "The Occupy Movement," but really that was all we knew.

We sat through the performance becoming more and more perplexed and confused scene by scene, act by act. We didn't understand why they were fighting, we didn't understand who the good guy was suppose to be -  or the bad really - and there were a whole lot of rather bizarre side comments that made things even more bewildering.

The stage design, lighting, background, costumes and even the actors were all as good as we have come to expect from the Commonwealth Shakespeare Company, but the story itself just left us in a state of puzzlement. We chatted the whole way home about how bizarre it was and were not able to figure out what it was we were missing. We went with a friend who also really loves Shakespeare, but was just as bewildered as we were. I was quite glad that none of KM's friends had been able to make it to the performance with us as I fear it would have turned them off of Shakespeare all together!
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