Aug 28, 2012

5th Annual NOT Back To School Day - Just Another Day

As I sit with my coffee, I began to hear the ever identifiable squeaking of brakes as the school buses make their way to the elementary school just around the corner from us. As I sit I am grateful that KM is sleeping soundly in her room, instead of being two hours into her 10th grade school year already - ignoring the fact that she began 10th grade months ago.

Usually we go out to breakfast, head to the library or the beach and have a mellow day doing whatever we like and going places we have avoided through the summer to celebrate NOT going back to school. This year feels a bit different, schools in our area are all going back at different times and I just don't feel like putting anymore importance on this day than need be... for us it is just the same as any other day. We also didn't really avoid anywhere this summer or at least not intentionally, there were some places that I thought of going but simply said no I think it will be better in the fall. I didn't think about less crowds, but mostly the weather as we have had an unusually humid summer. So I have decided to let KM sleep as long as she wants, she can meander out as she usually does to do her lessons and whatever else she likes --- as she would any other day!

I feel like this is bringing me one step farther from the plugged in mindset and continuing my constant battle to disconnect and break the tape in my mind that says school is normal. I know that it is NOT normal, but giving any extra credence to a day when "everyone else" must get back on that big yellow bus, feels like I am validating it in some way.

Now I am not saying that I won't attend any Not Back to School events locally, but not today! Today is just another ordinary day in our home! 

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