Jun 12, 2012

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CollegePlus - Live Webinar Series | CollegePlus:


Education Innovators. 6 Exclusive Webinars. One Mission: Disrupting Higher Education. A radical disruption is in progress. One that is challenging our most fundamental assumptions about education in general and higher education in particular.

As the landscape changes, will your student be prepared to:
  • Avoid the escalating costs of higher education?
  • Bridge the gap between college outcomes and marketplace demands?
  • Discover, pursue and fulfill their unique life purpose?
What about the emergence of dual credit options, credit for service learning and internships, and increased transfer opportunities? How will you decide which one is right for your student?

In this ‘Innovations in Higher Education’ webinar series, leaders like Andrew Pudewa (Institute for Excellence in Writing), Rick Green (Wallbuilders and Patriot Academy), Rick O’Donnell (Former Director of Higher Education for the State of Colorado and Texas), and others on the front lines of disrupting higher education will cast a vision for developing students into life-long learners who are fully prepared for success in today’s highly competitive job market.

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Four years of traditional college is no longer a ticket to a successful career.
In each webinar, you'll hear world-class speakers sharing practical action steps that will equip you to navigate through the chaos and help your student achieve the extraordinary.
The first webinar, in this series of six, is on Tuesday, June 12, 2012. When you register now, you will get free access to all six webinars in the series.
Space is extremely limited and will fill up fast. Click here to register now.
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The Key to Becoming Employable: College + Real Life Experience

Tech Innovator Panel

RoleModel Software, Groupon, & CollegePlus
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3 Keys to Navigating the Massive Change Coming to Higher Education

Rick O'Donnell
Former Director of Higher Education for the States of Colorado and Texas
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It's Not the Degree, It's What You Know

Andrew Pudewa
Director of the Institute for Excellence in Writing
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