Feb 29, 2012

Spring Session Plans ALL SET!

Got every little piece tidied up this afternoon and it is like a weight has lifted from my shoulders. As I have said a bazillion times before, although I am willing to switch things up it is SOOOOO nice to just have things set and ready to go.

After some discussion DN has decided to stay on an every other week schedule, which means he will be here for only two or three days every two weeks and will complete the majority of his work at home. I had to switch things up a bit so that this could work, but I think that it will go well as long as he stays on top of things. KM's schedule will basically remain the same as it has, but we are tweaking a few things here and there to hers as well.

Literature -
City of Embers - DN

Math - 
Manga Joku - Both

Biology Coloring Workbook - KM

Elective - Financial Literacy -
Building Your Future - Financial Literacy Curriculum - Both

Foreign Languages
Japanese from Zero!  - K

Spanish Grammar Study Cards- D
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