Feb 2, 2012

Looking ahead again - College Admission Test Options

We have been discussing possible career options with the teens lately since they are getting older and we need to plan for whether they think they want to go to college or not. KM has always gone back and forth with the idea, but recently has started thinking about Cosmetology schools. DN has no real direction, but has such a distaste for school that I really don't see him going to a full four year college. However I do feel it is important that they have some sort of testing scores in order to safe guard their options if they change there mind and decide that they want to attend a university or college.

Since KM's really concerned with her writing skills and is not even sure that she wants to attend a four year school we have been thinking about skipping the SAT test and having her take the ACT (no writing) test instead. The ACT (no writing) consists of four multiple-choice tests in each main area; English, Math, Reading, and Science. You do have the option of adding a 30 minute writing section, but KM would probably want ACT tutoring before she would even be willing to try that part of it.

If you have any suggestions for test prep resources PLEASE feel free to post them in the comments section!
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