Mar 9, 2011

What do these things have in common? - Sewing, Quadratic Equations, Ice Skating, Opera, Shopping & Science

They all fit into the week of a home educating family! 

This was the last week for ice skating at our local DCR rinks and though KM will be missing this time each week, she is going to be quite surprised when she finds out what will be going into this time slot - can't disclose this info yet!

For our weekly project I thought KM would enjoy making an owl messenger bag. This simple project kit was a great way for her to build confidence on the machine, follow cutting instructions and have a super cute outcome!

On the more academic front we started a new chapter in Algebra and she is charging through quadratic equations! We finished up the Spectrum Science Grade 8 workbook and she did an excellent job on the Final Test. To celebrate her wonderful achievements we went out to breakfast and did a little spring shopping. I somehow ended up wandering into the infants department where I just couldn't help myself when I saw these SUPER cute tees for the "littles-2-b"! 

Tomorrow we will be heading to the much anticipated Hansel & Gretel performance by the Boston Lyric Opera. This has become an annual tradition and we always LOVE the show! 

What sorts of oddities fit into your week?
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