Jan 12, 2011

Winter is my favorite season!

I know that most people probably think that I am crazy! Who loves winter? It's cold, dark, boring, there is less to do, you are cooped up inside, blah, blah, blah....well I do!
I love looking out my window and seeing the earth covered in a blank of white. I love marveling at the beauty and strength of nature. I love cozying up in front of a fire. I love scarves, hats, and fuzzy mittens. I love staying in my PJs all day and listening to books on tape. I love the crisp frigid freshness in the air. I love to watch the dogs romp around and catch snowballs. I love the desolate quiet when the power goes out. I love to watch the joy on the face of a child as they go swooshing down the hill. I love that CJ gets to be home more. I love that we are able to spend more time together as a family.
As a home learning family we spend a good deal of time together, but it is different in the winter. During the other seasons we are out doing things, going places and being active. However for us winter is a time to come together with those that you love and enjoy each other's company in close quarters. It is a time to really embrace our family.
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