Jan 2, 2011

Prepping for our winter session to begin tomorrow!

I spent the afternoon finishing up the prep that I needed to so that we can begin our winter session tomorrow. There aren't a ton of new additions this time, as most of what we have been doing is working out really well. The only changes are -

  • Continuing with the Straight Forward Math Series Algebra and moving onto Book 2
  • In literature we will be reading The Giver by Lois Lowry and using the online quizzes here
  • KM is very excited to start The Story of Science Volume 3: Einstein Adds a New Dimension
  • We will be doing the Annenberg Media Project - Mystery Class Journey North as our elective this session and it looks like it is going to be really interesting
  • Ice Skating will be two days a week
  • Keyboard will be back to daily
  • Theater will be every week instead of bi-weekly
  • KM will be taking a break from Spanish
I have updated our Current Curriculum & Schedule Page if you are interested in checking it out!
What are you doing differently after your break?
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