Dec 28, 2010

Sometimes you should just listen to your instincts!

Something told me that I didn't want to go anywhere this holiday. I don't know why, it wasn't that I wasn't feeling merry or in the gift giving, joyful mood of the season. I just knew for some reason that I didn't want to go out and about. I pushed myself through this train of thought, thinking it was just me getting way to deep into my own head, missing Noni and wishing for times when things were a bit easier and less stressful at this time of year ~ but really what would the holidays be without at least a little bit of stress? Any-who - I now know that I should have just listened to my gut, because if I had, my whole household wouldn't have come down with the wretched norovirus that is running ramped around here!
We went to my sister's house on Christmas Eve and everyone who was there that evening went home and had a wonderful Christmas morning, but by Christmas night we were all far from well. We got a call from my wonderful sister, the nurse who after calling in sick to work was told by the hospital that she works for to make sure that she notifies everyone that she came in contact with to quarantine themselves for 72 hours after their first signs of illness! Yeah - so we have done very little besides trying to keep some sort of food in our systems the last few days! Luckily - and very strangely I must say - CJ did NOT get sick, so he was able to plow and make some money during the blizzard that hit on Sunday!
Thankfully KM and I were able to get out and about a bit today, because I think one more day in would have driven us all KOOKY! DN will be here until Thurs and is under lock down until then as he didn't start vomiting until Monday afternoon. Lots of laundry and disinfecting will be done today and tomorrow and hopefully that will be last of it.
Next time I am just going to listen to my instincts and STAY HOME!!!!
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