May 24, 2010

New Pet...for a little while

I was working at the computer last week when I heard this rustling noise outside the window. I looked out and saw a pile of leaves moving - A LOT! I am not a screeching type of person, but I am also not very keen on little creatures, so I sat watching it for a while to see if I could tell - from a safe distance - what it was. KM is very brave and loves all creatures large and small - except for spiders - but she was diligently working to finish her history lessons, so I didn't want to distract her from that.
After a little while the rustling stopped and by the time CJ came home I had almost forgotten about it until he went out to start the grill for dinner. I asked him to gently check out the pile of leaves to see if there was something there and I went back inside to my little window to watch - from a safe distance.
He knows how I am so of course he made a big scene about what was in the pile - "Oh my gosh! I can't believe it." "You aren't gonna wanna see this!" and on and on. By this time KM was in on it as well and I knew they were just trying to creep me out, so I bravely went out on the deck to see what the creature was -
just the cutest little sun turtle.

Within 5 minutes a habitat was started in the kiddie pool -

Curtle seems to be enjoying his new temporary home.
Over the weekend KM & AM expanded his habitat to include a few dry spots as they were worried about him being too cold at night.
He seems to really enjoy hiding out in the foliage!
As he is a wild creature we will only keep him for a few days to observe him. We feel it is not right to take creatures out of their natural habitats permanently without just cause - injury or endangerment. We only put plants and bugs from the area where we found him into the habitat and are only allowing the kids to handle him minimally. Once KM has finished her observations we will take him out back to the swamp area behind our house and release him - as I don't feel safe releasing him close to the house as I am afraid one of our bigger animals might harm him.
So for a little while, we have a new pet - Curtle the Turtle!
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